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Cowboy roping a police officer, Calgary, Alberta.
Three young men on downtown street during the Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
We have a hot one ... the entire band from Poohawkitt, Iowa, fell into a pot hole during the parade.'
..And where have you been the last few days?'
...and so we say goodbye to the Stampede for another year, unless you live in Victoria Park...'First thing you'll see is the glare of their danged belt buckles!''
Seems like everyone is making a social comment these days.'
[One of Calgary's briefcase-carrying cowboys.]
No way ... I'll get my clothes dirty.'
Stop complaining, Chauncy ... it's company policy during Stampede days to maintain the flavor and charisma of the old West.'
Have him take two of these every four hours, and tell him to stay away from chuckwagon breakfasts.'
My apologies, Miss Frizbeigh ... I was overwhelmed by a sudden surge of euphoria!'
[Calgary boasts a large variety of stampede visitors.]
It's the latest style in western wear - designer jeans!'
That's an E.T.? Weird looking things.'
That's it, Sydney . . . put Ottawa out of your mind . . . put Pierre on the back burner . . . By George, I think you've got it.'
Your first stampede?'
Have you seen this man? If so, please send him home.'
Oh, Prunella ... do you know where my girdle is?'
[Calgary parking lot promotes Calgary Stampede spirit.]
Chief, Sgt. O'Hara ... we've lost the parade!'
[Large portion of Victoria Park acquired for stampede expansion.]
[Everyone is at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede in Calgary, Alberta.]
Isn't that nice ... a bilingual cowboy.'
[Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, at the lost children stall.]
[Calgary Exhibition and Stampede coming to soon.]
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