Image the University of Calgary library serials department staff getting into the spirit of Halloween.
Image of faculty and staff in the Faculty of Nursing dressed up for Hallowe'en at their annual party. Pat Jolly, front right, gives a costume prize to Karen Lee Olson.
Halloween postcard featuring a boy in a sailor suit running away from a jack-o'-lantern.
Girls dressed for Halloween concert, De Winton, Alberta.
Children in Halloween costumes.
Children in Halloween costumes, Langdon area, Alberta.
Children in Halloween costumes, southern Alberta.
Patients in costumes for Halloween party, Central Alberta sanatorium, Keith, Alberta.
Children in costumes, Delburne, Alberta.
Halloween party at home, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Halloween party at home, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Frank McMahon's Halloween party for children, Calgary, Alberta.
Group dressed for Halloween, Old Sun School, Blackfoot reserve, Alberta.
Brent and Wendy Waddell in Halloween costumes, Calgary, Alberta.
Children carving Halloween pumpkin, Calgary, Alberta.
Neil Leckie wearing mask on Halloween, Austin area, Manitoba.
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Featured Halloween picks from the Glenbow Archives 

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